Kill Your WIP

WIP = Work In Progress

Work In Progress is a large enemy of productivity. It exists even in the home. My 8-year-old is an expert of WIP. During the school season she would wake up at least 90 minutes before her bus would leave. She would start her hair, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and making her lunch. She wouldn’t actually finish any of these things. She would just start them and rotate from one to the next inserting other tasks (playing with the dog) along the way.

Usually about 15 minutes before the bus would leave a kind parent would hover and follow her every step of the way. Eventualy she’d be able to focus and get one thing done, then another, and another, until finally the whole list was complete and she’d head out the door to her day.

“Finish what you started, [daughter]!”

While there are many different techniques to address WIP when it comes to addressing them in your personal life, you might start by just looking for opportunities to finish what you started.

While you’re at it, you might want to ask yourself if what you’re doing is productive, or if you’re playing with the puppy.


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