Tonight I finished the code for the Book of Mormon Podcast. I can now go to sleep knowing that it’s completed.

Since I started the podcast as a way to keep busy while listening to Spring’s General Conference I’ve had more than 400 people sign up for the podcast. It’s neat to think that they depend on me for something as important as their scripture study.

When you search in iTunes for the podcast you’ll notice there’s another gentleman that has podcasted the book of Mormon under the title of “The Official Audio Book of Mormon.” There’s nothing “official” about his version of the podcast–except that is uses the same church audio files.

One of the reason why my version took so long to produce is that each chapter contains the summary information integrated with the files. This makes the podcast appear more professional.

What’s the next step? I’d encourage the fellow bloggers out there to add a link to on their webpages with the title of “The Book of Mormon Podcast.” Every search engine looks at blogs to find new and popular topics. They increase the ranking of a search’s keywords based upon how many blogs & websites that have the link. Right now “the book of mormon podcast” shows this podcast as 7th. If you can take the time to link to it eventually it’ll win out as the first choice.

Oddly enough this is an online project where I don’t actually get anything out of it. I could have built the podcast for some gain, but didn’t because it didn’t feel right. The other six search results that are ahead of this one–didn’t deliver a free version of the scriptures :-(.

Well, thanks for listening!

Significant Projects (Post 1)

I’m a project guy. There doesn’t seem to be an end to the list of projects I’ve got running around the house. Some of them I haven’t finished. Some of them I’ll probably never finished. I’m not sure how many other “project guys” there are out there but every time I hear about an open source free something-or-other I think to myself–Wow there’s a guy that actually got a project done–and I can use it to.

Today’s project is something that just got released in early August. Recently Apple decided to open up the iPods to externally written applications. This means that you can do any number of things legally on the machines that you used to only be able to do illegally before. Now that it’s legal to create apps for the devices what’s one of the first apps created?

You guessed it! The LDS scriptures. Searching on the iTunes store there’s several versions of this. One done by Lee Falin is free. This application only works with the iPod touch and the iPhone. Since I don’t own either one I can’t tell you how well it works. I can tell you it’s available.

Today I also added 21 new chapters to the Book of Mormon Podcast. It seems that there’s a lot of good people willing to take sharing the scriptures to the digital community out there.

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? You can download both the application and the podcast. If you’re in the mood to read the scriptures you can listen to them. If you’re in the mood to read then you’ll have them available.

For all iTunes (and most other media players) you do not need an iPod to use the Book of Mormon Podcast. In iTunes you’d select “Advanced” “Subscribe to Podcast” and then input the following link: “”

There’s a few other significant projects I’ll be talking about this week as well. Stay tuned. Try them for a week. Remember they’re digital–if you don’t like them–delete them.

Book of Mormon Podcast

A while back I got to noticing that I was lazy when it came to reading my scriptures. I took a look at what I was doing with my time and noticed that I spent quite a bit of time enjoying being entertained. Since part of that entertainment was with my MP3 player I decided that I could listen to the scriptures online. When I did a search in iTunes for “The Book of Mormon” I was amazed that I couldn’t find a podcast that would allow me to easily download chapters in the book for listening.

I decided to do something about it. So I created a podcast for the book of Mormon. Now it’s time to let people know it’s out there.

The URL for the Book of Mormon feed is:

I would like to encourage anyone who reads this and blogs, or creates anything online to create a link to this blog entry or to the Book of Mormon podcast feed listed above. By doing this the internet’s search engines will start listing the podcast as a viable source for downloading this unique book of scripture. Please take the time to blurb about it on your blog.

I’ve also noticed that there’s a great podcast for the Ensign that’s put together by the church. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The Ensign:

I’ve got a 15 minute drive to work back and forth. This is a great way to pass the time and I’d welcome anyone who’d like to join me.

Do you listen to the scriptures in the car? Know of a good uplifting feed? Add it to the comments of this entry.

Subscribing to the podcast:
Automatic: Click on the cool image to the right
Select”Advanced” “Subscribe to Podcast” and then enter

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